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Marsa Alam

The pristine region of Marsa Alam; one of the most exotic destinations of our planet. The diversity of its marine flora and fauna can amaze you, this region is considered to be one of the world’s most important repositories of marine biodiversity. The southern Red Sea is also an archive of ancient mysteries & forgotten trade routes, wrecks, & Pharaonic & Roman historical sites. It is one of those very rare places where coral reef gardens, desert adventure, and cultural & historical exploration combine in the getaway experience of a lifetime.


This National Park has been nominated as a Biosphere Reserve. The presence of mangroves trees that you can see on the picture makes it a perfect habitat for hundreds of shore and sea bird species. You can see their two species of turtles that are using the Island for nesting grounds and also dolphins that are swimming around the Island. Animals that inhabit the Wadis include many rare species like the Nubian Ibex, Capra Ibex Nubiana, and the Hyrax. Wild donkeys, camels, and gazelle are also abundant in the region and feed on the vegetation of the desert. The secondname of this place is Valley of the Camels. Hiking, quad and camel riding are all great options for exploring this mysterious terrain. After, you can visit Marsa Abu Dabab, where the party is happening and you can dance the night away at one of the various discos or sip on a cold beer and relax on the beach.


The small village is inhabited by local Bedouins tribes, who welcome visitors daily. There is a small make-shift restaurant where you can have fresh fish and lounge on the beach, and the Bedouins also make beautiful handicrafts that they sell on site. There is an abundance of mangroves inhabited by birds and domesticated camels are also roaming the area

Holidays in Marsa Alam are about blue skies, stunning beaches and zero distractions. Being a remote location that enjoys a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. It is considered to be the ideal destination for honeymooners. As the night falls, the stars light up the sky and Marsa Alam is magically transformed into a romantic getaway. Cuddling up on the beach or in one of the many cozy cafes along the water and watching the countless shooting stars, while drinking freshly brewed tea definitely qualifies as a perfect end to the day.